1. Joanne Ward
2. Corey Lakusiak 
3. Brittany Stewart 

Donations are still being turned in, but we are currently at a total of $175,000!


We appreciate everyone’s dedication to fundraising and supporting the Foundation, especially during this uncertain time. The individuals will be contacted shortly by the Foundation.

 *What We're Doing to Keep You Safe:*

-  Early registration will be available outdoors on Thursday, September 10th from 4:00 PM-7:00 PM

-  Day-of registration will be available outdoors

-  65km ride start line will be in order of rider speed with faster riders at the front

- 20km ride will be staggered in waves of 25 riders every 5 minutes

- 5km ride will start at 10:30 AM

- We will be offering bagged to-go lunches after ride

- Total raised and top fundraisers will be announced on the website and social media





Choose one of the four great rides below and raise money that will go towards bettering the everyday lives of the residents and patients at Riverview Health Centre!

Ride 1: 65km Olympia Cycle on St. Mary's Ride

Ride 2: 20km HUB International Insurance Ride

Ride 3: 5km Family Ride

Ride 4: 0km No Ride, Ride