Cycle on Life 2020

Alzheimer's Busters


Let's bike togehter again and enjoy the ride, while also remembering our dear Gene Lakusiak, who was always in this fundraising as far as I remember. He will be missed this year but who knows, he may be smiling at us riding our bikes in his memory. Gene fought with Alzheimer's for quite a number of years; he was a participant in our research studies too; he passed away peacefully in July of this year. 

Alzheimer's Busters Raised
$500 Adult Trophy I Made a Difference! Zahra Moussavi $655.00
$200 Adult Gold Star I Made a Difference! Curtis Bars $250.00
Zeinab Dastgheib $0.00
Ahmed Elwali $0.00
Houra Goharrokhi $0.00
I Made a Difference! Brian Lithgow $20.00
Scott Murray $0.00
Mohammad Shakeri Jannati $0.00
Team Gifts $1,620.00
Denotes a Team Captain